City of Pompano Beach Water Quality Overview with Links to Reports

Pompano Beach, often revered as Florida’s Warmest Welcome is located at the heart of the Gold Coast. The place is known for its clearest and warmest waters which are home to calming cool breezes and a vast expanse of sandy beaches.

Pompano Beach has undergone a major shift and has become a high-spirited and cultured multidimensional spot that stretches across 3 miles of restored sand dunes, serene shorelines, and dedicated areas for exercising and playing. Pompano Beach got its name from Pompano a species of tropical fish which is abundant in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. While this gives a state of the geographical location of the place, let’s shift the attention to the overview of water quality at Pompano Beach.


The tap water in the city of Pompano Beach is widely regarded as safe for drinking. The specifications of the water comply with the regulations of the Safe Drinking Water Act. But it’s also worth considering other factors like lead pipes in homes and the effect of pollutants on individuals with the compromised immune system.

As per the database of EPA ECHO, there has been violations of SDWA between the period of 30th April 2019 and 30th June 2022. This assessment has stemmed from Bcwws 2A water system which implies that other water systems would show other results.

Though water that caters to the EPA guidelines will not cause stomach issues, still it contains unregulated as well as regulated contaminants in trace levels. Such contaminants may cause health issues in people with a low immune system. The EPA is also reviewing the current regulations to evaluate whether they are strict enough along with the health hazards caused by unregulated pollutants.


According to the same database, around 10 percent of samples collected of Pompano Beach water contain significant amounts of lead. The level of lead in water varies from one locality to the other. A number of buildings, specifically the older ones are equipped with service lines or lead pipes which may lead to contamination.

It’s worth pointing out that lead is detrimental to health no matter how insignificant the amount is. Lead accumulates in the human body over time which means that even very small amounts can lead to negative impact.

The presence of lead in drinking water can cause health issues for pregnant women and young children. While the city of Pompano Beach is known for providing good quality drinking water, there is no control over the elements in plumbing components.


In Pompano Beach, the sources of drinking water include ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and wells. Since water comes to the land surface through the ground, it absorbs natural minerals and radioactive elements in some cases as well. This water can pick other substances occurring from the presence of animal and human activities.

To make sure that the tap water is safe for drinking, the EPA has suggested certain regulations which restrict the level of some contaminants. On the other hand, the FDA has also established regulations for bottled water to protect public health. Drinking water, whether bottled or tap water, is reasonably expected to contain certain levels of contaminants. Also, the presence of contaminants doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the water isn’t safe for consumption.


According to the Annual Drinking Water Report of the City of Pompano Beach, the contaminants present in source water are:

* Inorganic contaminants: Metals as well as salts which may stem from urban water runoff, oil and gas production, domestic and industrial wastewater, farming, and mining.

* Microbial contaminants: Bacteria and viruses sourced from septic systems, sewage treatment plants, agriculture and livestock, various operations, and wildlife activities.

* Organic chemical contaminants: Synthetic and volatile organic chemicals that are produced from industrial processes along with petroleum products. These contaminants can come from gas stations, septic zones, and urban stormwater runoff.

* Radioactive contaminants: These may come naturally or produced from oil and gas operations or mining activities.


The primary source of drinking water in the city of Pompano Beach is the Biscayne Aquifer which extends from a few feet to about 200 feet under the water. Biscayne is an underground geologic formation for storing water from which water is pumped to the surface of the land at two specific wellfield spots. Then the water is transported to the treatment plant. In these plants, the water is treated with lime softener, then fluoridated, filtered, corrosion controlled, and finally disinfected before delivering to the water distribution system.


The authorities at Pompano Beach City are highly active in their efforts of providing a safe and sustainable water supply to all the inhabitants. The Utilities Department has been striving to secure systems for monitoring and prevention of unauthorized entry into their software and facilities.

The Assessment Management Program is dedicated to scheduling as well as tracking regular maintenance of equipment working for water treatment plants. With this data, it becomes simpler to assess whether any equipment requires repairs or replacement before any disruption occurs. And when equipment is replaced, it is upgraded with the most efficient and state-of-the-art technology.

The Utilities Department is also committed to identifying and checking the abilities of technology involved in improving the quality of water through pilot testing. Recently, it pilot tested and found that the newly installed membrane softening elements that came in place of exclusive pre-treatment methods were highly efficient. As a result, it helped in reducing energy consumption.

Pipe bursting is a method used for improving the quality of water since it rules out old infrastructure in a low-grade disruptive way. Around a mile of pipe was recently replaced through the pipe bursting method in the Northwest and Southeast zones of Pompano Beach City.


To sum up, it is safe to say that the water of Pompano Beach City is still safe for human consumption with limited levels of contaminants. While it may be effortless for a healthy person to consume it without any issue, it may not be as good for a person with vulnerable immunity.


Is Pompano Beach Tap Water Safe to Drink?

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